Animal Communication


    I had been so gifted with animals that have taught me until I am sure they have perhaps turned blue in the face, but I did not notice. They continued on, until I learned how to share these skills.  At home I learned from pets and in the bush where I spent 20 years of my life working, I learned from forest, mountain, jungle, desert and marine animals.

    My canine friend Hibou brought home to me the importance of being honest in my dealing with her as she would always let me know when I was being dishonest with myself or herself! My Equine entrance into communication was with my mare Luna when my friend Hibou was nearing the end of her being as a dog.

    Hibou had become incontinent towards the end of her stay and I offered that we could take her in to the veterinarian who could help by giving her a sleeping needle. She looked at me and I KNEW it was time. After phoning the vet and making an appointment for the following friday Hibou seemed to loose years of fatigue. She bounced around for the next few days as if there was nothing wrong in the world. We visited her lifetime friends to eat biscuits and treats and to play. At the neighbours she lay down and wet the floor a little and as she got up instead of her usual looking totally embarrassed and like she wanted to hide in disgrace she looked up and I heard, “its ok, I am leaving”

    I looked at her questioningly and wondered.

    The next morning, thursday I went out to feed the horses and was wondering to myself if I had made a huge mistake in phoning the vet when I heard, “it is your responsibility” I saw my mare looking at me straight in the eyes and heart and knew she was right. Then I looked at her and knew I had heard her, specifically, I had not made it up.

    Thus the acceptance began. The acceptance that all I had heard or read about as to animal communication, all the warnings I had received from all of the wild animals, all of the non-issues I had had with peoples pets came through my heart and mind. Time to make it a “real” part of my life.

    I have done a lot of research and have shared with a number of friends and my vet and have decided to share this ability with anyone wanting to learn, how they can hear or listen.





Basic Animal Communication Class

You are invited to join a two day class to learn how to improve your communication with animals. This includes body language and vocal communication as well as an introduction into deeper understanding of more subtle messages like intuition and energy.

This class is an introduction to using skills we already have, but perhaps using them more effectively. These are skills that we used naturally when we were young. We receive information from animals in many different ways. I want to help you recognize the information that you receive, help give you the tools to process and  acknowledge this information , then I will facilitate the communication process with exercises and practice.  

This interspecies communication class will give you tools to start understanding messages you are receiving from your pet or animal companion in context with their world. This is a useful tool for training, helping your animals stay healthy and happy, and increasing your connection and relationship. 

Location: Pen-Y-Bryn Farm.

Classes are May 19 and 20th, 2012 from 9am to 4pm with lunch included.

Cost is $120 for both days.

Please come dressed for Cariboo weather, meaning boots for possible mud and layers for comfort. We will be spending time inside and out.

If horse allergies are a problem, one of my horses is a tested hypoallergenic Bashkir Curly who will be participating in the workshop.

Deposits can be made through Pen-Y-Bryn or

at on the Animal Communication page. To sign up: Press Here Tel: 250-991-0143

Attendance is limited to ensure class quality.

Feel free to call Leigh with any questions.

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Pen-Y-Bryn (PEH-nee Brinn), from the Welsh for "Top of the hill"


Hibou, my friend of fourteen years and some.

Here is our new addition to the team, Joplin.

We had not yet really been looking for another dog, but when friends of ours showed us their litter of little blue heelers well...

My husband went to see whom he was attracted to, then i went and gave the two girls a job interview to see who would be my new partner.

You guessed right, it was Joplin, who promptly told me herself what her name was.

The mirror that animals are to us

is honest.