Who we are, What we do


Frontier Timbercraft has over a decade of design and building of timberframe structures under its belt.

Gordon Eberding drafts the plans as per client request, the plans get engineered and the building starts.

Frontier Timbercraft is now building with straw/timber as well.

Mark Rupp is an artisan working in wooden/antique furniture restoration. He sculpts and has skills in numerous trades from mechanical to welding.

Mark has worked in the concrete sculpture and mural projects and timberframing for Frontier Timbercraft and Ether Ore for over eight years.

Ron Magill is an author, sculptor and artisan.

Linking to his website will show you his work and share what he is about.

He has participated in work with Ether Ore for two years.

Leigh Cassidy is the owner/manager of Ether Ore. Any questions about the website, feel free to ask. The Ether Ore link will take you to my Raison D’etre.

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