Ortho-Bionomy is often referred to as 'the Homeopathy of Bodywork' because the two modalities share the same principles. Both approaches: · exaggerate a pattern to stimulate the body's self- healing reflexes (let likes cures likes); · use the smallest adjustment or dose necessary to bring about a healing response (less is more, the minimum dose); · may have an effect within minutes; and, · work on all levels; physical, mental and emotional.

Working within the comfort zone of both the client and practitioner is one of the most important principles of Ortho-Bionomy, as creating resistance and tension is counter-productive to healing. Practitioners learn to track the person's energy and 'go with the flow'. They follow principles based on respecting, honouring and accepting each individual's inherent healing wisdom without judgment. Rather than trying to 'change' people physically or otherwise, the intent is to help them become conscious of what is going on within their bodies. This increased awareness helps them participate in their own self-correction, and enables them to regain their original patterns of balance and wellness.


As a type 1 diabetic reducing my level of insulin intake by 50% is moving me towards my goal of not needing any at all.

Six years ago when I joined my first class, it was with a very good friend who very much valued the classes she had already participated in.

I was looking to see if anything could be done via this modality regarding blood sugar issues my system had been having for some time.

I liked that first class mostly because I had been shown and explained a way of thinking and applying techniques that just made sense to me. I could feel, sense and appreciate the results that kept altering over the next few days.


Myself in this field

Arthur Lincoln Pauls

The founder of Ortho-Bionomy, Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O., described how it works this way: "Injury or disease result from what I call 'misunderstanding'. Ortho-Bionomy brings understanding to the person, so that he or she may respond appropriately, rather than by habit or fear." 1

The miracle of the body and the treasure of information it holds for us seems limitless. One of the great joys in sharing this work is the self-discovery that takes place for the practitioner, as well as for the client. The nuts and bolts are that the body does have an operating manual, a language, if one is willing to listen. If the oil light comes on in our car, would we put a tape over the light? However, we override our body's messages all the time. Eventually it gets our attention, but by that time we may have forgotten where the problem came from. This is where Ortho-Bionomy comes in and removes 'misunderstanding from the body.

Not everything heals that quickly? Well, fortunately a lot of things can.We also learn to adjust where our stresses are hampering our healing when we start being able to listen to our bodies. Some issues do take longer to resolve, thus the process.

It is humbling for me this direction I have taken, participating with those around me moving towards comfort, of their choosing. Humans and animals both. Feeling, sensing, knowing changes are taking place for the bettered health of the being I am sharing time with is exquisite.

Feel free to find out more information from the Ortho-Bionomy Association of Canada.

I have now been a registered Practitioner for over six months, and am very glad of it.  After six years of study and practice I invite you to experience this magnificent modality of Ortho-Bionomy.

I may be contacted for information at any time via telephone 250-991-0143 or email Leigh Cassidy .

I will get back to you via telephone usually within 24 hours, via email within 2days.  Thank you

Working through the different classes my shoulder was finally released from a “frozen shoulder” range of motion that I had entertained for almost eight years, to full mobility. I had never understood causing pain to fix trauma or of how it could help the body find comfort. This was a practice I could really enjoy and live by.

Since then I have been through many interesting experiences using the philosophies of less is more and exaggeration of patterns. I have become more whole in enacting these philosophies.

This is an excerpt from an article printed in the Winter 2006 Connections Magazine, a publication of the Natural Health Care Practitioners of Canada (formerly known as the Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners)

Through working with my visceral, at classes, and as a client I recognized, realized and experienced emotional, spiritual and energetic releases

and changes in my pancreas, spleen and digestive system. I was using less insulin and losing weight. The “movement towards comfort” ideology

that is Ortho-Bionomy is at times not obvious, but the results have been great.